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Hi. I’m the author of escapist fiction series: “Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt”, available in both Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, as well as other Amazon and ebook sites.

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IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - CC

IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - TTIDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - HHIDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - FFIDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - AAIDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - SS




belzonis-bequest-fiona-dealNefertari's Narrative - Fiona Deal - book 8


book 9 - v3


They’re a blend of modern adventure story and ancient Egyptian mystery, with a sprinkling of romance and humour; all set in the fabled land of the pharaohs.

IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - CCThe inspiration for Carter’s Conundrums came standing inside his house which opened to the public as a museum late in 2009. For a long time I had the place to myself… And it got me thinking… What if I were to be trapped in here…?…what secrets might it reveal to me….?


IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - TTTutankhamun’s Triumph picks up where Carter’s Conundrums ends and explores some of the mysteries surrounding the fabled Armana period of ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun’s role in burying some “precious jewels”.


IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - HHHatshepsut’s Hideaway continues the modern adventure while delving further back into Egyptian history.  The female pharaoh Hatshepsut, to me, is the most fascinating. For my mystery I chose to focus on whether her courtier Senenmut was more than just a good friend and why Thutmosis III left it twenty years to seek to obliterate Hatshepsut from the king-list.

IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - FFFarouk’s Fancies is set just before the events of the summer of 2013 which saw President Mohammed Morsi removed from office.  It’s asks whether the Dead Sea Scrolls might perhaps have proved some link between the Bible and Pharaonic history.


IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - AAAkhenaten’s Alibi picks up a couple of months after Farouk’s Fancies finishes.  Set during the turbulent events of the coup d’etat, which removed President Morsi from office, this story explores whether the pharaoh Akhenaten was similarly forced to abdicate his position.


IDBC00078 Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt - Fiona Deal - SSSeti’s Secret is my take on the Exodus story.  It explores the links between the Amarna period in Egypt and the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’, and puts forward a new identity for Biblical Moses, who grew up as a royal prince in Egypt.  There’s a treasure map thrown in for good measure.


belzonis-bequest-fiona-dealBelzoni’s Bequest moves the action to the British Museum in London.  Giovanni Belzoni, once a circus strongman, was one of the earliest explorers of Egypt, travelling there in the early 1800s.  Remarkably, his wife travelled with him, and had adventures of her own.  Is it possible it was more than just the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt they dug out of the sand.

Nefertari's Narrative - Fiona Deal - book 8Nefertari’s Narrative takes Merry back to Egypt to follow in the footsteps of the Belzonis, while also exploring the origins of Queen Nefertari, the favourite wife of Ramses II.  In 2016, Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Queens was opened to the public for the first time since World War II.  The story asks whether its possible Nefertari, who never claimed royal titles was nevertheless descended from the royal house.

book 9 - v3Ramses’ Riches continues Merry’s mission to retrace Giovanni Belzoni’s adventures in Egypt and Nubia.  This time, the destination is Abu Simbel, where Belzoni famously dug the Great Temple of Ramses II from the sand.  This time, the story explores the epic story of Helen of Troy, and whether she was ever in Egypt.  There’s also a link to a more recent slice of – British – history.

As you can see, I love ancient Egyptian mysteries. Are there more undiscovered royal tombs? What riddles does the Sphinx pose? Are the pyramids aligned with the stars? I hope my protagonists Merry and Adam can grapple with some of these questions and provide an enjoyable lighthearted read at the same time.

Shades of Gray JPEG

I’m also the author of “Shades of Gray” (no, not that one !!). Mine’s a romantic family saga, written under the name of Fiona Wilson and also available on Kindle or in paperback via Amazon.  Click here to find out more or buy now.

As for me…I work full time. I write in my spare time.

I live in Kent, England, with my two impish Burmese cats.


108 thoughts on “Home

  1. When’s the next books for these characters?
    A great niche you’ve got and lots to scope for them in Egypt!
    Look at how well Elizabeth peters did with Amelia Peabody!
    Would love more stories on Ahmed, Adam and Meredith

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the stories so far. I’m hoping to publish the next book in the series – number 4 – in the late Spring. I’ll keep you posted on progress. Fiona.

  2. Dear Fiona,

    I most say, after reading CC and TT, I can not wait to read HH. The way you discribe Luxor, it’s people (we are not all like the Said-Brothers), the ancient places which are merged with the present day live, it is amazing. I have been living in Luxor now for 2,5 years, working in the Jolie Ville, that you so lovingly write about and I can only compliment you. I recognise every little step Merry takes (not the newly discovered tombs of course) and although I have visited all those places before, I will go there again, just to see what Merry and Adam saw. Even the way Merry and Jessica walked to the cow-shed where Hussein locked them up: it is in Awameya.
    I don’t know how you did it, but on every page of your books I feel the love you have for this amazing country.

    I will start HH and can not wait for FF.
    Just let me know when it is published, I will find a way to get my hands on it.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment, Amina. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed the first two books in the series and I very much hope you like the third. You’re right when you say I love Luxor. And I’m fascinated by ancient Egyptian history. Writing these stories is my way of being in Egypt in my imagination when I’m not able to be there for real. I’ve been lucky enough to stay at the Jolie Ville hotel twice. It makes a perfect background setting for my books.

    I’m a good way through the fourth book, although not quite as far advanced as I was hoping. Real life does sometimes get in the way of the writing!

    Once again, thank you for your comment, and I hope you enjoy Hatshepsut’s Hideaway. I will certainly let you know when Farouk’s Fancies is available.


  4. Hi Fiona, Ihave really enjoyed reading these books and am looking forward to reading the next insallment in Adam & Merry’s journey,hope you are close to finishing it as I am at a loss what to read next xx

    • Hi Fiona I gave now finished book 4 and was just wondering if merry & Adam are going to have any more adventures or perhaps a nice Egyptian wedding? I love these books as do I Egypt xxx

      • Hi Helen, yes! Planning more adventures for Merry and Adam – doing the research for number 5 now. Thanks for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it. Fiona

  5. Hi Gerry-Rae – thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the first three books – it’s wonderful to get this feedback … especially right now. There is a slight delay with number 4 as I’m sad to say my marriage has broken down over this summer. The good news though is I do have it in first draft stage, and you may just have given me the incentive I needed to brush the dust off it (and myself)!! Thanks once again. Fiona

  6. Fiona
    Just read all four of your books in one excellent weekend and would like to offer my congratulations on an excellent series. As you can tell from the time stamp I am a little insomniac and your excellent descriptions of modern Eygpt certainly warm up a freezing English night.
    Like you I have a life long fascination with ancient Eygpt and your research has been excellent in each book.

    • Thank you Mark for taking the time to comment – and in the wee small hours too!! I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed all four books. I certainly enjoyed writing them. Egypt is so fascinating – it never feels like a chore to do the research. I’m in research mode at the moment. I agree with you about the miserable English Winter weather. I’m longing for warm sunshine! Fiona

  7. I have read all 4 books, couldn’t put them down. I love the Emelia Peabody books so it was wonderful to find these with new heroine Merry in modern Egypt but still full of the past & Egypt’s amazing history. Can’t wait for number 5.

    • Hi Carole, thank you for taking the trouble to drop by the website and let me know you’ve enjoyed the books. It ‘s wonderful to get your feedback. If you enjoyed reading them half as much as I enjoyed writing them then that’s fantastic. Thanks again, Fiona

  8. Brilliant books, being an avid Elizabeth Peters reader it is nice to find someone carrying on in her tradition and bringing the beauty of Egypt to life.

  9. Hello Fiona,
    Just dropped by your page after finishing Book 4. What a delightful time I have had getting to know Merry, Adam, Ted and Ahmed through all 4 books. I hope that there will be more books to follow. I adore the setting of present day Egypt with an Ancient Egyptian mystery. Keeping facts, places, and history accurate is paramount and you do it wonderfully! I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing with us a wonder series of books (looking forward to more)!

    • Wow, Jen, thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and let me know you enjoyed the books. Thank you for reading them 🙂 Fiona

  10. Hi Fiona , just finished your new book, awesome as always and a delight! Shame I read so quick but eagerly awaiting number 6. Thank you for a wonderful new book.

    • Wow, Mary, that was quick! Book 5 only became available yesterday! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Book 6 is on the way. I hope to publish it in the Autumn. Fiona

  11. Hi Fiona – we have regular Book Club meetings at Hotel Sheherazade on the West Bank. The Sheherazade Book Club meets regularly. and a couple of years ago the famous Scandinavian author Gunn Marit Nisja visited the Hotel and read extracts from her prize nominated first book “Nude in Hijab”. If you check out the photo on our Facebook page you’ll probably recognise Mr Gaddis in the photo, owner of THE book shop in Luxor. We would be delighted for you to come along some time and give us a talk about your books, and the research you have to do..

    • Hi Christine, what a lovely offer. I’d be delighted to give a talk about my books. Not sure when I’ll next be in Luxor, but I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for getting in touch.

  12. Hi Fiona
    I really enjoy your books read all 5. I was great disapointed when my nile cruise was cancelled last year but hope to rebook in the future but all the trouble has put my friend off going.
    So cant wait for your next book and maybe one day i will get to Egypt.
    All the best

    • Hello Suzanne,
      Thank you for leaving me a comment to let me know you’ve enjoyed the books. I do hope the tourist trade in Egypt picks up soon. The trouble is, with everything else going on in the Middle East at the moment, you can understand why people are wary. I was last in Luxor in July, staying at the Jolie Ville – with only 23 guests in a hotel that caters for something like 1200 !! Still had a wonderful time, so if you can encourage your friend to go, I’m sure you won’t regret it.
      All the best,

  13. Hello Fiona

    I have visited Egypt 6 times so far and set to go again, you write about all the places I have visited with my wife and now we are totally sold on your books. you obviously have a great passion for Egypt and know the area well. My wife and I were their last September and we re-lived your books and we took them with us for reading and also as a mini guide book as well. Thank you for a really good read and well thought out books, its good to re-trace Merry’s travels and even more fun to do it whilst in Egypt itself.
    We have stayed at the Jole Ville and yes it is really brilliant but then so are your books at describing the area, you almost feel as though you are there.
    Thanks again and please keep writing about Merry, I love it.

    • Hi Ray,

      I wish I could find the words to express how much it means to me to receive a comment like yours, and to know my books have given you and your wife pleasure. I write stories set in Egypt because I love it there (and it’s a way to be there in my imagination when I can’t be there for real). Knowing they give enjoyment to others us really the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for dropping by my website to say hello. Enjoy your forthcoming trip.
      All the best,

  14. I have to smile when I read your fantastic books.when we married our honeymoon was a weeks nile cruise followed by 3 nights in le meridien pyramids and 4 nights back in the jolie ville my favourite hotel ever and both of these hotels are mentioned in your books.great memories thank you and please keep writing more fantastic books.

  15. Hi Fiona
    Just had to echo my husband’s (Ray Floyd) comments above. Reading your books is like being transported back to our times in Egypt. I can picture almost exactly, the places that you are describing. Please keep Merry’s adventures coming, I secretly wish I could have adventures like her. I think that at our next visit to Hatshepsut’s temple I will be looking very closely for gaps in the walls. It is such a shame that the recent troubles in Egypt are putting the tourists off but it will not deter us from returning soon. Maybe we will see you there.
    best wishes,

    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks so much for your comment. What’s especially wonderful for me is knowing that you and Ray have BOTH read and enjoyed the books, and that Merry’s stories have brought back happy memories for you. There’s lots more I want to write about, so watch this space for more Merry adventures 🙂 I’m so glad you and Ray are going back to Egypt soon. That’s what it needs: for people like us who know it and love it to keep returning.
      All the best,

  16. HI Fiona,
    One small error I have found in your books – you mention the Colossi fo Memnon as at the entrance to Amenhotep III’s palace – this is incorrect and they were at the entrance to his funerary temple. I have worked at the site and wrote my MA thesis on some of the statues there, hence my clarity on this point. Otherwise I have been enjoying your books and especially your descriptions of the Jolie Ville and Winter Palace hotel, where I have spent many an hour enjoying the sunshine and gardens.

    • Hi Tara,
      Thanks for correcting my mistake 🙂 I’m kicking myself of course because I did know that ! Just shows how easy it is to slip up when ‘in flow’!! It’s great to know you’re enjoying Merry’s adventures. Thanks for taking the trouble to leave me a comment – much appreciated …
      Best wishes, Fiona

  17. Hi Fiona
    I have always been fascinated by Egypt and totally fell in love with Luxor when I first visited almost 25 years ago. Haven’t been back for a few years now because of the political situation and am very upset for all the lovely people we met there as a result of the decline in tourism. Let’s hope things improve soon. In the meantime your books are the next best thing to being there – I can follow almost every step Meredith takes although my visits were not quite as adventurous. Looking forward to the next instalment!

    • Hi Geraldine, thanks for leaving a comment. I love to hear from readers and it’s great to know you’ve enjoyed Merry’s adventures ! Book 7 is underway so a few more adventures to come 😀. Thanks again for your comment All the best, Fiona

  18. Thank you Mary. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment, and I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the books. I write about the things that intrigue me, and the links between the Old Testament and Pharaonic Egypt are one of them. Yes, book 7 is on the way, somewhat slower than usual as I have a new day job which absorbs a lot of time. I’ll continue to crack on with it, and it’s great to know people are waiting for it 😀. Best wishes, Fiona

  19. Hi Fiona. Love all your books, as you know. Looking forward to book 7. The tomb behind Tut’s must be getting your creative juices flowing tenfold 😊

    • Hi Debrah – yes, it’s very exciting ! If it does turn out to be Nefertiti, I’ll have to have a re-think ! But nothing certain as yet beyond secret chambers … Waiting with baited breath !!! Fiona

      • Hi Fiona,
        Just like everyone else I am waiting and holding my breath for the next instalment, it seems like a long time ago I read the last book.
        I would love to go and visit Tutankhamun’s tomb again but have to say the last time I went I was a little concerned that Tutankhamun’s Mummy was out on show, he is the last king in the valley and has been moved out of his sarcophagus into the annex room, surely they should have left him in his sarcophagus?.
        I had the chance to go and see the replica tomb next to Howard Carters house and as good as it is it is not the same experience as the real thing but I have a feeling that sooner or later they will be closing the real tomb to visitors and you will have to see the facsimile instead.
        As a matter of interest the guardian of Howard Carters house said to me that they will eventually copy all of the tombs in the same way and stop the visitors to the Valley of The Kings ( I hope not ).
        I look forward to your new book and wish you all the luck in the world with its publication.

        Ray Floyd

      • Hi Ray, I’ve written about half of book number 7. I started a new job last year, which has taken a lot of energy while I get my feet under the table ! I wish I was one of the lucky ones who can write full time – maybe one day …!
        Yes, I’ve also heard about plans for facsimile tombs, certainly of those such as Seti I and Nefertari, which have been closed to the public for years. I can see both sides of this particular debate. While definitely not the same experience as stepping into the original, it’s arguably preferable to damaging the originals through footfall and condensation. As for poor old Tutankhamun, he’s suffered indignity upon indignity almost since the moment HC found him ! I’ll crack on with Merry’s next adventure and hope to get it published soon. Fiona

  20. Hi Fiona,
    I have just finished your first book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You obviously have a great love for Egypt. Egypt is one of my favourite destinations and I have been to Luxor three times and once to Cairo. We stopped at the Mena House and at the Jolie Ville and had dinner at the 1886 restaurant every time we visited so I really enjoyed reading that Merry also stayed there. I really liked your descriptions of the temples and the valley of the kings and fondly remembered my visits to them. I did smile at the mention of Amelia Peabody, Elizabeth Peters is one of my most favourite authors. I hope to return again to Luxor soon. Off to start book two now.

    • Hi Julia – thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the first book and hope you also enjoy book 2. I do love Egypt and it’s a joy to write about the places I’ve visited through the eyes of my characters. All the best, Fiona

  21. Hi Fiona
    Have just spent the last two weeks enjoying Meredith Pink’s adventures. Can’t wait for book 8! I live in Egypt and was totally immersed in the adventures surrounding this great couple and as a result, can’t wait to return to Luxor.
    Congratulations on a wonderful series. I am now reading Giovanni Belsoni’s memoirs!

    • Hi Hala, Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s always wonderful to hear from people who’ve read and enjoyed my books 🙂 With number 7 just published there can’t be many people who’ve read all 7 back-to-back as you have. I’ve started mapping out ideas for number 8 and plan to get cracking on the actual writing of it in the next few weeks. Thanks again for stopping by to say hello. Best wishes, Fiona

      • Hi Fiona, lovely to hear from you and I eagerly await book 8. Let me know if you ever visit Egypt. We are based near Mena House Hotel. Best wishes Hala

  22. Really enjoyed reading your books. Fingers crossed i am hoping to go to Egypt in January for my 40th.
    I really hope that Adam and Meradith get back to Egypt too 😀

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for letting me know you’ve enjoyed the books. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time for your birthday in January. I’ve made a start on book 8, and yes, they’re back in Egypt … ! Watch this space !
      All the best

  23. Really looking forward to your next book – you are a GREAT writer – please write more along the same themes!

    • Hi Sue,
      Wow ! What a lovely comment. Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. There is another one on the way, so I’ll let you know when it’s published. Thanks for leaving me a comment, always great to hear from my readers 🙂

  24. I am a great fan of your books. I had read all the Amelia Peabody books and then was overjoyed to come across Merry and Adam. I am looking forward to No 8 to find out about their new adventures

    • Thank you Sue, it’s great to know you enjoy Merry’s adventures (with Adam of course!). Elizabeth Peters was a great inspiration to me. When I realised there would be no more Amelia Peabody, I decided to have a go at writing my own Egyptian series in something like the same vein. Glad to hear my books have helped fill the gap !

      • Brilliant…..looking forward to it!

        Keep up the excellent work and keep those adventures coming.


      • I have thoroughly enjoyed Nefertari’s Narrative over the holidays andI have left a review on Amazon.com. I am looking forward to continue the cruise to Abu Simbel!

      • Hi Thomas,
        Thank you !! … for reading … for reviewing … and for leaving me a comment here. I’m delighted you enjoyed it. I’ve made a start on number 9 over the holidays and hope not to take so long over this one ! Fiona

  25. Hi Fiona, I’m really enjoying reading Meredith’s adventures and it was a lovely late Christmas present when I discovered number 8 was available. It’s fifteen years since I was in Egypt and your books take me right back, especially the description of the scenes on the banks of the Nile from the Queen Ahmes. Many thanks for the hours of pleasure you have given me.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much for your comment – it means a lot that you took the trouble to let me know you’re enjoying Merry’s adventures. I’ve made a start on number 9 over the holidays. If I could be cheeky and ask for a review on amazon that would mean a great deal.
      Thanks again
      Fiona 😊

      • Hi Fiona
        So pleased you enjoyed Nefertari’s Narrative. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made a good start on book 9 – planning to get more of a move on with this one! Yes, I think I have ideas for one or two more. Thanks again. Fiona

  26. Hi Fiona!

    How’s book 9 coming along?

    So looking forward to reading the next instalment!

    Can you give any clues to the title yet?

    • Hi Fiona,

      Great to hear from you. Yes ! The title is Ramses’ Riches. I’m nearly there – probably only 2-3 chapters left to write. I’m never quite sure, as Merry does have a way of taking me in unexpected directions !! Aiming to get it done and hopefully published in late June/early July.

      Watch this space !!

      • Happy days Fiona…..really looking forward to reading the next exciting instalment.

        Thanks for coming back.

  27. Hi Fiona
    Just finished book eight, my husband and I have already decided we are going back to Egypt again next summer, Merry and Adams adventures have really inspired us, to once again stay at the Jolie Ville and explore all that Luxor has to offer, it really is a magical place and each time I read a book of yours it brings wonderful memories to mind and we can’t wait to go, thanks for the amazing books, looking forward to the next adventure.


    • Hi Jan
      I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed my books. And thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment here. It means a lot to me 🙂 How fantastic that you’re going back. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. I, too, am going back. In November this year. But sadly not staying at the Jolie Ville this time around. I’m introducing Egypt to some friends. Their first time, and we only have 10 days. So, Nile cruise (inc Abu Simbel, of course) and 3 days in Cairo. Best way to pack it all in !
      I’m on the home run of book 9 – Ramses’ Riches – and plan to publish in the next 2 – 3 weeks, so watch this space !

    • Wow ! Fiona, that was quick !! I just literally got home from work to discover the email from Amazon confirming it’s now live ! I haven’t done my usual email or Facebook mailing yet ! Thank you for being so keen to read it. I have to say, it’s been a joy to write. So I really look forward to your verdict, and have fingers and toes crossed that you enjoy it. Thanks again 🙂 🙂 (the other) Fiona

  28. And it’s the best yet. So pleased I didn’t have to do anything else today but immerse myself with Merry and her friends. Here in sunny Norfolk I could picture the heat and dust of Eygpt. Thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn’t put it down and only reluctantly stopped for food and drink. Fiona you have surpassed your previous excellent best, how on earth are you going to follow with book 10, please say soon?
    Many many thanks for a wonderful book only downside having grown up in Kenya my crocodile nightmares may come back!
    Mary X

  29. Hi Mary,
    I’m always amazed at how quickly you read my books !!! Yes, need to put my thinking cap on for the next one. I do have a couple of ideas, but will need to do some research.
    Thanks so much for reading it, and for stopping by to leave me a comment. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. (Sorry about the nightmares!)

  30. My Father, bless him, taught me to speed and proof read when I was six and then spent 30+ years having to keep buying new books for me. I soon outgrew both the bookshops and the library in Mombasa. Now almost 60 years later I’m still grateful to him as reading helps to pass the time now I’m disabled and have had to give up doing so many of my hobbies. I’m also grateful for kindle and kindle unlimited. He would never have expected to read books electronically or get them delivered instantly to a tablet or laptop. I’m also very grateful for all my favourite authors coming up with amazing ideas and books.

  31. The wonders of modern technology ! It’s amazing to me that I can self-publish a book and within a couple of days know that people out there are reading it. Thanks again for getting in touch … Fiona 🙂

  32. Just finished book 9.

    Thoroughly enjoyed.

    Please hurry with book 10. Withdrawal symptoms setting in already!

  33. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Ramses’ Riches. Always means a huge amount to get positive feedback. I have to say, it was a blast to write !!
    I do have a couple of ideas, but I’ll need to do some research before getting started … But hopefully you won’t have too long to wait 🙂

      • Hi Fiona, still in the research phase for the next one. Actually … maybe you can help me? It’s going to explore the history of Ramses III. Do you think it would be too much to have 2 books with “Ramses” in the title ? Fiona

  34. Hi Fiona,

    I definitely think another Ramses title would be fantastic for the characters and following on from

    Not sure what way title would go though.

    Good luck x

  35. Hi Fiona,

    I definitely think another Ramses title would be fantastic for the characters and following on from

    Not sure what way title would go though.

    Good luck…..keep us updated.

  36. Brilliant Fiona to hear.

    Enjoy your time in Egypt and happy researching.

    Great also to hear visitors flocking there. Hope to get back again myself too.

    • Hi Fiona, hope you got back safely from Egypt…..terrible the explosion recently.

      Hoping you got lots of research done for book 10. Any titles yet?

      • Hi Fiona,
        Happy New Year ! Yes, back safely, and Egypt as wonderful as ever. Busier than I was expecting, actually. Although the recent explosion might put people off again. Not me, though. I’m back to Cairo in a couple of weeks for a few days.

        Yes, I’m thinking I’ll run with your suggestion of Ramses Revelations !! Need to get cracking ! Fiona

  37. Aw….brilliant.

    Glad you are heading back….wish I could sneak into your case!

    Happy research again in Cairo and I’m chuffed that its Ramses’ Revelations for book 10. Am sure myself and my fellow readers/followers will once again enjoy Merry & Co’s adventures. Maybe there will be a baby Ahmed!

    Belated happy new year and looking forward to the book.

    Safe travels.


  38. Hi Fiona

    Just a wee one to say hope all well with you and that book 10 is coming along nicely.

    How did your lovely research trip go in January? Am sure it went well.

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for asking, and it’s great to know you’re eager for the next book.

      In truth, I’m not as far advanced as I would like to be. I have a big day job, which I also love, and it has demanded a lot of focus and energy this year.

      Writing is my hobby and sadly Merry’s adventures sometimes have to take a back seat. The good news is, I now have a couple of days off, and guess how I am planning to spend them ? Thanks again … Fiona 😊

      • No problem…..I shall just have to reign the patience in!

        Good luck with the writing on your days off.

        Hope day job also goes well for you too.

        Cheers for now.


      • No problem…thank you so much for letting me know.

        Enjoy the writing!

        Look forward to reading book 10 as and when.


  39. Hi, I’ve been a fan of this genre of book since I first read the Amelia Peabody books by the late Elizabeth Peters. I have now found a new favourite author, I have just read book numbered eight and an about to purchase the next. Can’t wait to get started on it. I hope the series continues as there is so much Egyptian history still to explore.

    • Hi Terri,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the series. I, too, read all the Amelia Peabody books – a massive inspiration to me. Yes, there are more to come. Just need to get my head down. I really hope you enjoy Ramses Riches. Fiona

  40. Hello fiona.
    Remember me, I met you on a Nile cruise in November 2018 and you gave me a copy of your first book. I loved it and have since bought (and read) all the rest. Hope you are well and would love to know when you will publish another book.
    Best wishes
    Valerie Seddon
    Ps we are going back on the same boat in Feb 2020.

    • I’ll be doing a combination of Aswan, Luxor and short (3-day) Nile cruise over Christmas and New Year. Time to get re-inspired !!

      Delighted to know you’ve enjoyed the books 🙂

    • Not long back from our holiday back on the boat. It was fantastic as always. Hope you are well. Will there be a new book coming soon?

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