How to pronounce ancient Egyptian names

So, it’s all very well reading about Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt, but how do you go about pronouncing all those weird-looking ancient Egyptian names?  Examples include: Nebkheperure, Smenkhkare, Meryre and Ankhesenamun.

The simple tip is that you emphasise the name of the God.  So, for example, any name ending in ‘re’ has that ending pronounced ‘ray’.

I’ve put together this video-guide to demonstrate the correct pronunciation …      I hope it helps !  (It’s best to watch it in full screen mode to see the sub-titles for how to pronounce the names)

Fiona Deal





16 thoughts on “How to pronounce ancient Egyptian names

  1. Would you please tell me the correct pronunciation for “Meretseger”, the cobra-headed goddess. There are several around but they can’t all be the right one lol! Many thanks.


    • Hi Ally, I think it’s pretty phonetic, so I’d say SEN – BEB – OO. Sorry for delay, have had my head fully immersed in finishing book 10, just published. Fiona


    • Hi Lexi, it’s AK (as if you were starting to say the word ‘action’), then EN (as in the word ‘then’) then A (as in bar) then TEN (really tn, so you don’t pronounce the ‘e’). 🙂


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