Ramses’ Revenge

Book 10 of Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt.  

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Meredith (Merry) Pink has a sixth sense when it comes to unlocking secrets from Egypt’s ancient past.  It’s possible she is not the only one. When a guest staying onboard Merry and Adam’s dahabeeyah reveals an uncanny – some might almost say paranormal – insight into events that took place around three-thousand years ago, Merry realises it may be possible to solve a pharaonic murder-mystery.  

She sets out to discover what really happened when Ramses III fell victim to what has come to be known by Egyptologists as “The Harem Conspiracy”.

Join Merry & co on another Egyptian adventure, this time spiced up with a splash of Hollywood glamour.  

I hope you enjoy Merry’s latest adventure, set in the early 20th Dynasty of ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom.  Please do leave me a comment.  I also very much appreciate a review on Amazon.  Thanks

Here are some pictures of Medinet Habu, where much of the action takes place.