On location in Luxor

Luxor in Egypt provides the setting for my books following Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt.  I’ve stayed many times in Luxor.  It’s a kind of open air museum.  All the key sites are within easy travelling distance, on either the East Bank (where most of the modern hotels are located) or the West Bank of the Nile.

Some of those who’ve been kind enough to write reviews of my books – and have obviously travelled to Egypt themselves – have said the books bring back great memories for them.  Egypt really is a place once visited, never forgotten.

For those of you who may not have been lucky enough (yet ?!) to travel to the magical land of the pharaohs, here’s a short video I put together.  It’s my take on some of the most impressive historical sites Luxor has to offer.

I haven’t yet used all these archaeological sites as settings for scenes in my books.  And there are a few locations I haven’t included in this video.  The Ramesseum for one, and the Temple of Seti I – both located on the West Bank.

That’s the whole thing about Egypt … there’s so much to see … so much history.  It’s hard to know what to include and what to leave for another time …

And it keeps drawing me back.

Fiona Deal

3 thoughts on “On location in Luxor

  1. Hi Tony. Wow ! 6 books in 5 days is very impressive ! I only wish I could write them that quickly …! I’m delighted the books helped you go there in your imagination. Thanks for stopping by my website to leave a comment – much appreciated. Fiona


  2. 6 books in 5 days !!!!! That’s what I read!! I haven’t read six books in five years before I got these I have a love of Egypt that can’t be explained I have been many times and never tire of it so to read these books took my right back and seeing as now it’s not a good time to go it was a great consolation
    I can’t wait to go back and would recommend these books to anyone Egyptian lover or just to read thank you for writing them hurry with more .
    A big burly bloke from liverpool


  3. On location – the Nile – fionadeal

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