Is it always hot in Egypt…?

Sitting at home in the UK in January (blue sky but only 4 degrees C outside) it’s easy to dream about Egypt as somewhere always hot.  Not so.  Sunny, yes.  But not necessarily warm.  My friends in Luxor are complaining about the cold on their Facebook posts at the moment.

On a Nile cruise in January 2012 it was so chilly I was forced to use the hairdryer as a fan heater – hooking it over the bathroom door so it would warm up the cabin.


Philae Temple – January 2012



Here I am dressed in my woollens to stave off the chill …





Photo: Ahmed Sayed Ahmed


This was the Sinai Peninsular near St Catherines a couple of days ago…




Photo : Jaime Clark-Soles


And this picture was taken last week in Israel …




So, sitting in the UK in midwinter dreaming of warmer climes is all very well.  But warmth is not guaranteed, even in Egypt !  So, maybe just for January, I’ll stick to going there in my imagination.

Fiona Deal

Author of Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt



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