Belzoni’s Bequest now published

BookCoverImageBook number 7 in the series following Meredith Pink’s adventures in Egypt is now published on Amazon.  For a limited period it will be available with the old-style cover design.  This is to enable anyone who was collecting the series before I updated the covers to have the new book in the same style as the others if they wish.  The new cover will replace this one at end-September.

Belzoni’s Bequest

Swapping the heat and dust of Egypt for the cooler climes of London, Merry and Adam find themselves caught up in an intrigue involving the Egyptian collection at the exalted British Museum.  

First of all, an Egyptologist disappears in the midst of a security evacuation.  Then Merry stumbles across a mystery suggesting the circus strongman Giovanni Belzoni and his wife discovered more than just tombs and temples during their excavations in Egypt in the early 1800s.  A stolen journal, a set of newspaper-wrapped artefacts, and a blast from Adam’s past combine to make this a most perplexing mystery!

As ever, I welcome feedback and comments here on my website.  I also read and very much appreciate all reviews on Amazon.

To find out more or download now please click here.  The book is also available in paperback.

I hope you enjoy Merry’s latest adventure … Fiona








4 thoughts on “Belzoni’s Bequest now published

  1. I know you’re right of course. All I can say is that I based that particular character on a lovely lady of advancing years I met at Ightam Mote a year or so ago – she was the archetypal twinset and pearls ! I’m not sure which I enjoyed most … her or the house ! I’ve been a member of the NT since I was in my early twenties. One of the charities closest to my heart ! Thanks again for your comment – very much appreciated 🙂


  2. I meant to also say thank you for the mention of the dedicated, knowledgable and friendly National Trust volunteers but must point out that very few of us are now of the twinset and pearls, where I volunteer it is usually fleeces and body warmers throughout the year and often scarves hats and gloves!


  3. Fiona, I don’t know how you do it but I’ve just had a lovely day with Merry and Adam in Belzoni’s Bequest another well written and absorbing book. I had worried how Merry would get on back in the UK and you’ve given her a wonderful adventure and a very happy ending. I’m now wanting to visit the British Museum to see their treasures! I’m also going to be anxiously awaiting book 8.
    Thank you for making my day.


    • Thank you Mary ! My goodness, that was quick 🙂 I got the inspiration for this book on a visit to the British Museum last year when I’ll admit I was floundering a bit about Merry’s next adventure. It’s an amazing place. Not Egypt, of course, but the next best thing. I hope you’re able to visit soon. In the meantime, thank you for reading it so quickly. I’m thrilled to bits you enjoyed it !! Fiona


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