Another Merry Adventure

There’s nothing quite like a new Amazon review to help one get the writing mojo back:
L. Sheppard reviewed Carter’s Conundrums – Book 1 of Meredith Pink’s adventures in Egypt: a mystery of modern and ancient Egypt


Fiona, I was captivated, romanticised, inspired, thrilled and enlightened by the first instalment of Meredith Pink’s adventures. I read it during the first week of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown and can wholeheartedly say that you’re writing enabled me to disassociate from the stark reality and uncertainties that we as a world are currently facing. For this I am truly grateful – thank you.

So, thank you L. Sheppard, whoever you are. I am now determined to get back into the groove… and if it helps people escape the current awfulness, so much the better…


It’s been almost two years since my last published book – Ramses Riches – in the series following Merry’s adventures in Egypt.


I took on a whole new area of responsibility at work, which meant a very steep learning curve, and also embarked on a new personal relationship.  All of which rather shoved Merry into the background.

But she has more adventures in Egypt to share, and I am now ready to get going again…

There are nine books so far in the series following Merry’s adventures along the Nile.  I started writing them exactly eight years ago, just after Easter 2012.   So it is definitely time to get going again …

If you’re new to the series, here they are.  They are all available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.



6 thoughts on “Another Merry Adventure

  1. Hi Fiona

    This is great news to read that we can expect a new adventure with Merry! I wait with keen anticipation that you are able to fit in a new book amongst all your other responsibilities at the moment. This review shows how much you can personally do to make a difference to people ⭐️ I hope you are keeping well during this strange time in our lives. Keep safe and I’m sure we will talk in the future.

    Regards Debrah (Applin) Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Debrah, lovely to hear from you. Yes, that review perked me up no end ! Will be great to get back into the writing again. Have spent the day in the sunshine in the garden researching the historical side of the next adventure … Best, Fiona


  2. That’s wonderful news that you’ve got your mojo back. I love the books as well. I did think it had been a while since the last one. Hope you’re keeping well? Kind regards Sheelagh

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Glad you are safe and well. Fantastic about the new relationship……fingers crossed for you.

    Delighted that more Merry & Co will have more adventures soon. I know with myself, withdrawal symptoms have well and truly set in.

    Look forward to the next adventures that Merry & Co will embark on.

    (The Other) Fiona


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