The most romantic sunsets on earth …

The Egyptian sunsets are spectacular … possibly as a result of all the sand in the atmosphere.  The heroine in my books, Merry Pink, has a fair bit to say about the mystery and magic of an Egyptian evening.  And she has just cause …

Here’s a short film I put together of views of the Nile at twilight and sunset – all taken from the wonderful Jolie Ville hotel, which features as the setting for Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt.

The felucca’s glide by, alongside the occasional cruise boat – and fishermen go about their business in the same way they’ve done for centuries.  There’s a timelessness about it that never fails to cast its spell.

Like Merry, I’ve spent many happy hours with a drink in hand enjoying the spectacle of the most romantic sunset on earth.  Egypt has its troubles, to be sure.  But there’s nowhere I’d rather be as dusk falls on a hot, tropical night …

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