The Jolie Ville hotel, Luxor (setting for 3 of my books)

The Jolie Ville hotel is a perfect place to unwind and relax.  It’s set on its own island in the Nile – King’s Island – a ten minute drive from central Luxor.  Currently ranked 9th of 63 hotels in Luxor on TripAdvisor.

Sadly right now it’s off limits and unable to welcome holidaymakers drawn by its fabulous botanical-like gardens, vast swimming pools and dreamy view of the Nile.  So while the Coronavirus lockdown is in place in so much of the world, those of you who, like me, love to travel in your imagination, might like a little look at where my central character Meredith Pink was staying when she embarked on her adventures in Egypt.

The Jolie Ville hotel really is the most magical place to stay.  These photographs bring it all flooding back, and remind me to book to go back just as soon as I possibly can.

Merry is on a “time out” holiday after taking voluntary redundancy from her job when she stays there. She couldn’t have imagined the thrilling escapades she was about to embark upon, unlocking mysteries from ancient Egypt.

Here are links (just click the picture) to the first three books, all based at this wonderful hotel – although Merry’s adventures take her all over Egypt.



The most romantic sunsets on earth …

The Egyptian sunsets are spectacular … possibly as a result of all the sand in the atmosphere.  The heroine in my books, Merry Pink, has a fair bit to say about the mystery and magic of an Egyptian evening.  And she has just cause …

Here’s a short film I put together of views of the Nile at twilight and sunset – all taken from the wonderful Jolie Ville hotel, which features as the setting for Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt.

The felucca’s glide by, alongside the occasional cruise boat – and fishermen go about their business in the same way they’ve done for centuries.  There’s a timelessness about it that never fails to cast its spell.

Like Merry, I’ve spent many happy hours with a drink in hand enjoying the spectacle of the most romantic sunset on earth.  Egypt has its troubles, to be sure.  But there’s nowhere I’d rather be as dusk falls on a hot, tropical night …